Workflow automation for busy vets.
VetDB uses the patient's unique microchip to verify data and interconnect clinical services. VetDB speeds up your workflow so you can focus on your most important work.
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Trusted by vets large and small

When you can truly verify a patient & their data, Healthcare opportunities are endless.

How VetDB works for you...

VetDB empowers your practice by connecting verifiable patient data to the clinical services & systems your team use daily.

Integrates with PIMS

Integrates with leading Practice Information Management Systems.

Save time

Swift, accurate transfer of information - saving time, removing manual data entry, and eliminating human error.

Eliminate forms

Smartly deploy data you already have to connected providers, without duplicating or manually filling out forms.

Vaccination Recording

Quickly captures and records accurate vaccination data, so you don't have to.

Smart vaccine schedules

Granular reporting of specific pathogens and coverage, promoting accurate vaccination programs.

Delights Owners

Provide clients piece of mind and a premium experience, with digital records that are accessible via the microchip.
We started using VetDB in the first month of 2019 and the biggest surprise was how receptive clients have been. They love it and can see it is the future way of doing things. The second surprise was how much fun the staff have showing off the new technology and the ownership they have taken of the product. VetDB is definitely the right product for taking us forward and we are all excited to imagine where it might lead.

Dr David Neck
Cottesloe Veterinary Clinic


VetDB offers a growing suite of applications, tools and integrations to enhance your existing systems and improve your workflow.

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