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By automating the capture and management of verified healthcare data, VetDB seamlessly connects animal owners, veterinary professionals and other vital services.

This means that veterinary professionals can access accurate, up-to-date health records when they need it – even at 3am in the Emergency Department.

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"Automating the capture of accurate medical data is a game-changer for our industry. You don’t realise the time lost dealing with incorrect or half-completed medical records until you work with the alternative – for us, that’s VetDB."
Dr David Neck
Cottesloe Vet Hospital
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Pet Owner
"I'm pretty shocking with paperwork so having digital vaccination certificates always available online is pretty awesome."
owner of Pearl, Tango and Calypso
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"Previously, ordering a pathology test required filling out forms, writing on samples and calling the lab to organise collection. Now, we just scan the sample and hit submit. It’s so easy!"
Dr Melanie Criddle
Swanbourne Vet Centre

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