Improving veterinary care through verifiable health record data
Scan. Record. Verify.

Saving time in the consult through simple, automatic recording and retrieval of vaccination data that's locked to the animal's unique microchip.
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Vaccination records linked to the animal's microchip

VetDB digitally records the vaccination event and locks it to the animal’s microchip. So wherever the animal goes, their vaccination history goes with them - never to be lost, destroyed or falsified.

Save time

Retrieve & record vaccinations in seconds.

Automatic Recording

No human errors and no double data entry.

No Lost Certificates

Vaccination records are locked to the microchip.

Record Accuracy

Cleans up practice software recording errors.

This is how VetDB works

VetDB provides clinic staff with a highly efficient means of indentifying patients, recording new vaccination events, and checking their vaccination status.

Integrated with leading practice software solutions, pathology labs and microchip registeries - VetDB delivers efficiency through data management.
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