Discover the value of digital vaccination recording.

From saving time in the consult room with our automated vaccination recording tools, to the frictionless information sharing with patient owners - VetDB provides authorised stakeholders in the patient's health & wellbeing - verifiable, accurate and accessible vaccination data. All in the palm of their hand.

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Save time in the consult

Spend more time on other aspects of the preventative health consult.

No lost certificates

Vaccination records are locked to the microchip. Impossible to lose or forget.

Client Convenience

Clients always have the vaccination history on hand, and can’t lose it either.

Smart Reminders

Reminders that are custom for that patient. Responding to vaccine announcement, or local population disease outbreaks.

Handwritten certificates and vial stickers are a thing of the past

No more antiquated paper-based cards that are prone to entry error & inaccuracies, illegibility, or loss.

Owners access their pet’s vaccination certificates via the VetDB portal or directly from the email received at the time of vaccination.

Save time in the consult

The VetDB system instantly verifies the patient’s identity, vaccination status and history……. simply by scanning the animal’s microchip.

A few automated steps and clicks and the vaccination event is recorded and locked to the microchip. Impossible to lose, falsify or destroy.

VetDB Automatically Records:

  • Vaccine name
  • Vet and Practice Name
  • Batch number + expiry date
  • Injection site + route
  • Coverage
  • and more

Client convenience

60% of pet owners misplace or lose their vaccination certificates.

You can now provide them convenience and peace of mind.

  • No lost certificates
  • Reduce unnecessary over-vaccination (e.g. unknown history)
  • Remove adminstrative burden on the clinic to reproduce certificates
  • Easily share certificates with kennels, day cares, competition events, councils and health officials
  • explore client benefits

How VetDB works

Vets and nurses scan the patient's microchip with the practice's scanner to unlock the patient's vaccination status on their smart device's VetDB app.

Instantly they are able to see the patient's coverage for core and non-core vaccines and when they are next due.

In the consult, the attending vet administers the vaccine(s) and uses the VetDB app to capture the vital information of the vaccination event in with an OCR scan of the vaccine vial and a matter of clicks. Recording information such as vaccine name, batch number and expiry, injection site and route, and coverage.

The vet digitally signs the certificate and the vaccination event is submitted, encoded and locked permanently to the patient's microchip.

The patient owner is notified by email with an updated link to their vaccination certificate, downloadable from their owner portal. The downloadable certificate can be emailed to a kennel or printed for their own records.

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