Workflow automation for busy vets.

Reduce admin, streamline workflow, and ensure data accuracy.

VetDB speeds up your workflow so you can focus on your most important work.
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About VetDB

VetDB is a technology built by vets for vets.

Veterinarians are some of the most highly trained professionals out there. They’re also famously overworked.

VetDB was created to save precious time and money by eliminating paperwork, centralising records and improving data accuracy.

We achieve this by locking medical information to a patient’s microchip.

Just a scan of a microchip, a scan of a vaccination vial or blood sample tube and that’s it. You have proof of attendance and an accurate medical record. Less time, no paperwork, no calls to lab technicians and no human error.

This information can then be accessed by clinical services like pathology labs, microchip registries and referral hospitals. No forms or phone calls required.

VetDB even sends all captured data to your Practice Management System – eliminating double handling.

For vets this saves time, money and sanity.
For animal owners it means their pet’s medical history goes wherever they go.
For the industry at large effective tracking could spell an end to viruses like Hendra and Parvo.

And that’s just some of the benefits.

The more you think about it, the more you can understand what speedy access to accurate medical data could do for the veterinary industry.

Integration partners

Discover a better way of working

Integrate with the services you use every day

VetDB connects previously siloed, disparate services to improve the flow of data, as well as its accuracy.

Simplifying processes for staff and driving efficiency throughout the practice.

Quickly record vaccinations

Capture vaccination events within seconds, including batch number & expiry date, with no handwriting or data entry.

Send owners a clinic branded digital vaccination certificate.
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Instantly view a Vaccination Status

VetDB calculates vaccination statuses via granular reporting of specific pathogen coverage, patient age, and vaccination history to deliver smart due dates that are calculated instantly.

Eliminate pathology lab test forms

Eliminate forms & handwriting on sample tubes. Submit pathology tests in seconds with a few taps and scanning of the sample container's barcode.
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Check a horse's Hendra status 

  • Instantly check a horse's vaccination status for zoonotic Hendra virus.
  • VetDB's Batch Mode supports the recording of multiple (often hundreds) vaccinations in a single batch. Automatically submitting data to the Health 4 Horses registry.
Implementing VetDB into our routine has been no more difficult than scanning a microchip at the same time as getting a weight. With that simple action, we’ve automated and digitised our vaccination records, and made a significant step towards the elusive ‘paperless’ dream.

To us, its a time saver that improves the accuracy of our database. To our clients, its a visible demonstration of a commitment to innovation and progress.

Dr John Pascall

Owner of The Floreat Vet
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