Smart Vaccinations

With just a few scans, VetDB records and verifies vaccine information and links it to the patient's microchip number. Then we send a digital certificate to the pet owner!

RECORD and verify

Capture patient and vaccine details  

Scan the animal's microchip, scan the vaccine vial and VetDB will extract the batch details and expiry date and link this information to the microchip number.

Any vaccines recorded through VetDB are verified through our blockchain technology – so you'll always be able to trust these vital records.


Immunity status, automated

VetDB gives you an accurate indication of exactly which individual pathogen to vaccinate against and when – helping avoid over- or under-vaccinating an animal.

When calculating an animals immunity, our technology takes into account their age, previous vaccinations, breed and species.

DIGITAL Certificates

Vaccination certificates straight to your inbox!

After vaccination, the pet owner receives a link to their vaccination certificate. The certificate is neatly branded with the veterinary practice's logo and contact details and can be easily shared with boarding facilities, trainers and more.

Best of all, all vaccination history is linked to the animal's microchip number – so it can't be lost, forgotten or falsified.


Create your own vaccine protocols

Vets can utilise default vaccination settings, which adhere to WSAVA guidelines, or customise the vaccination protocols via the VetDB Portal.


Vaccinate litters in record time

Recording vaccinations for several animals at a time is effortless with VetDB's batch-mode functionality.

Simply create a batch, select the patients to be included and scan a single vaccine vial – VetDB does the rest.

Do more, better, faster.

Increase your productivity with the digital vaccinations.

Only pay for what you use

Pay for what you need, when you need it! Plus, many of our features are free and can be accessed at any time.

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