How VetDB Powers


  • Equine vets use VetDB as a quick and reliable way to confirm a horse’s vaccination status, request pathology testing and more.
  • With a simple scan of a vial, VetDB records all aspects of a vaccination event, including the details on the vaccine vial, the GPS location, the administrator and proof of attendance.
  • Using blockchain technology, VetDB timestamps data as evidence that a vaccination occurred at a particular time and place.  
  • Never over or under vaccinate your horses again – VetDB’s technology calculates exactly which vaccines and boosters are due and when.
  • No more lost or forgotten paperwork – after a vaccination, owners will automatically be emailed a link to their horse’s vaccination certificate.
  • Record the vaccinations of several horses at once using VetDB’s ‘batch mode’ feature.



Health4Horses is an online community for horse owners, focused on the health, preventative care and wellbeing of horses.

Designed to cut through the myths and confusion surrounding horse health, Health4Horses offers a suite of interactive online tools as well as an extensive catalogue of tips and advice across general care, grooming, nutrition, worming, strangles, tetanus and more.

Health4Horses also gives horse owners access to the Health4Horses Registry – an invaluable tool designed to help vets easily look up the Hendra vaccination status of horses acrossAustralia.

Owners and their vets have a shared view of the horse’s health status, including all vaccinations and treatments.

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