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With VetDB, anyone you entrust to care for your pet can access their health records online – whether that's in the emergency room or at your local animal boarder.

Best of all, your pet's vital information is linked to their microchip – so it goes wherever they go!

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Digital vaccination certificates

Never lose your paperwork again! Your pet's vaccination records will always be available via their microchip and the my.vetdb portal – and can be saved, printed or shared with ease.

health records

Ready for any emergency!

VetDB is making it easier for vets, emergency departments, and specialists to quickly access your pet's health records and previous pathology results – allowing them to provide a lifesaving diagnosis in less time.

Features your pets will love

Locked to the microchip

VetDB locks medical data to your pet’s microchip – so they'll never be parted from their important medical information.

Digital health records

Enjoy online access to your pet's vaccination certificates – and never lose your paperwork again!

Privacy and security

Only those you authorise can access to you pet's information.

Pet boarding made easy

Simply email your pet’s digital vaccination certificate to your kennel or cattery.

Digital vaccination certificates

Never deal with lost paper certificates again‍!

Go paperless

VetDB eliminates numerous paper forms.

Testimonial Image
Pet Owner
"I'm pretty shocking with paperwork so having digital vaccination certificates always available online is pretty awesome."
owner of Pearl, Tango and Calypso
Testimonial Image
Pet Owner
"When you're looking after animals with special needs, VetDB really makes a massive difference. Animal hospitals can access their records without me having to remember to bring their latest vaccination certificates with me."
mum of fur babies Ginny and Leon
Testimonial Image
Pet Owner
"It's probably one of the worst moments of your life when your dog ends up in emergency. Being able to have staff access their health records without me having to fill out a tonne of paperwork should be the standard everywhere."
owner of Lily and Daisy

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