About us

Animal healthcare, connected.

Up until now, caring for an animal has meant dealing with disconnected services and incorrect or incomplete healthcare records.

That's because your local vet, the pathology lab, the ranger and the animal shelter all work from siloed systems that rely heavily on manual data entry and paperwork.

VetDB makes capturing, managing and sharing verified medical data easy.

Verified medical data helps bridge the divide between veterinary practices, pathology labs, emergency departments and pet owners. Now, they can all share the same high-quality data to provide greater continuity of care.

Best of all, all this medical data is locked to an animals's microchip – so their health records go where they go.

Our mission

To improve the health and welfare of animals through smarter capture, management, and accessibility of medical data you can trust.

VetDB founders Ross Wyness, Steve Joslyn, Anton Tjea

Meet the founders

It started with Steve, who had already felt the full brunt of working with poor quality data and manual, siloed systems during his role as a specialist radiologist. He knew there had to be a better way.

Enter Ross, our commercially minded startup enthusiast, and Anton, our tech genius and software developer.

Together, the three friends turned business partners, set about creating a digital solution to tidy up veterinary health records – and so VetDB was born!

The Team

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