Your pet’s vaccination certificate is now digital.

With your pet’s vaccination certificate securely locked to its microchip, no matter where they are, their vaccination history is now always with them.
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Vaccination certificates are now always with your pet.

No lost vaccination cards

Easily Accessible

100% Accurate

  • Never misplace a certificate

    Ensure you never lose your pet’s vaccination certificate, eliminating over-vaccination risks.

  • Easily accessible

    For personal records, a digital copy of your pet’s certificate is emailed to you.

  • Smartphone App

    All your pet’s important info, on hand in one smart application. Learn More

  • Emergencies

    In emergencies, any attending vet can access this important information.

  • Going away

    Remove the pre-trip angst of finding your pet’s records for kennels & boarders.

  • Moving House

    If you move, your new vet can access your pet’s certificate easily via the microchip.

  • Member Benefits

    We work with relevant businesses and partners to access benefits for VetDB members. Have a look!

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