MSD Animal Health invests in Australian veterinary-tech company VetDB

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Ross Wyness, Steve Joslyn, Anthony Tjea (c) Ian Munro The West Australian

VetDB today announced MSD Animal Health, a division of Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, N.J., USA (NYSE: MRK), became an investor. MSD Animal Health joins VetDB’s existing investors in VetDB’s third round of seed funding.

A global leader in veterinary health care, MSD Animal Health’s investment is a shining endorsement of the Perth-based tech company.

“Being backed by a company like MSD Animal Health tells us that our new technology – which helps automate important processes like vaccination tracking, pathology testing and data storage – is the future of our industry,” said Dr Steve Joslyn, Co-Founder of VetDB.

Ross Wyness, Steve Joslyn, Anthony Tjea (c) Ian Munro The West Australian
Pictured left to right are Ross Wyness, Steve Joslyn and Anton Tjea from VetDB. VetDB is a Perth-based tech start-up that has created a platform to digitalise pet health records. Picture: Ian Munro The West Australian 23/03/21

The capital from this latest funding round, including the MSD Animal Health investment, will be used to fuel VetDB’s continued growth and the nationwide rollout of its groundbreaking medical technology.

“We’ve already seen the success of this technology when deployed in veterinary practices in Western Australia,” said David Hallas, leader of Sure PetCare, a business unit of MSD Animal Health. “We believe it could significantly improve data accuracy and health-record management, and we look forward to working with VetDB and building on
their achievements.”

“It’s a perfect alignment for us, as MSD Animal Health and VetDB are both dedicated to pioneering solutions to improve animal health in farm animals and pets,” he added.

In their joint mission to advance all aspects of animal healthcare, VetDB and MSD Animal Health align in more ways than one.

VetDB’s utilises RFID technology to lock medical information to an animal’s unique microchip, while MSD Animal Health has an impressive portfolio of digital identification products (both readers and microchips). MSD Animal Health also boasts a diverse vaccine portfolio, while VetDB technology has been developed to record and manage
accurate vaccination data.

“It’s hard not to see the synergies and the exciting opportunities with this latest investment,” said Dr Joslyn.

VetDB is a technology company that supports the veterinary industry with tools that automate the capture and management of verifiable patient data. In doing so, the platform eliminates paperwork, improves data accuracy and ensures an animal can’t be separated from its medical data.

VetDB acts as a third-party service to help veterinarians seamlessly connect their patients to the services they use daily. Vets, clinical pathology labs, microchip registries, referral services and hospitals all utilise VetDB technology and verified data to improve their operational efficiency and, ultimately, deliver better outcomes for their patients and clients. For more information, visit

For 130 years, MSD, a leading global biopharmaceutical company, has been inventing for life, bringing forward medicines and vaccines for many of the world’s most challenging diseases. MSD Animal Health, a division of Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, N.J., USA, is the global animal health business unit of MSD. Through its commitment to The Science of Healthier Animals®, MSD Animal Health offers veterinarians, farmers, pet owners and governments one of the widest ranges of veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines and health management solutions and services as well as an extensive suite of digitally connected identification, traceability and monitoring products. MSD Animal Health is dedicated to preserving and improving the health, well-being and performance of animals and the people who care for them. It invests extensively in dynamic and comprehensive R&D resources and a modern, global supply chain. MSD Animal Health is present in more than 50 countries, while its products are available in some 150 markets. For more information, visit or connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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