How to check in patients with VetDB

VetDB takes the hard work out of maintaining your health records and connects you to the services you use every day. To unlock all the features of VetDB, patients must be checked in on arrival.

To check a patient in to your practice, you’ll need a microchip scanner and either the VetDB app or the VetDB portal open on your browser.

Tip: Most practices find it easier for the front of house team to check in patients on arrival.

Scan microchip and update patient information

  1. Scan the microchip with the microchip scanner. This will bring up the Active Patient List on the VetDB app or VetDB Portal.
  2. Select the patient’s profile from the Active Patient List.
  3. Update missing information. Simply click the orange notification in the right-hand corner of the screen to view what information needs to be added in your PIMS.
    Tip: Update missing information while the owner is still at your practice!
  4. Update weight. Simply press the + button in the VetDB app to add the patient’s latest weight.

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