Vaccination data locked to the microchip
Scan. Record. Verify.

Save time and provide better care through simple, automatic recording and retrieval of vaccination data.
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No handwriting. No human error

VetDB digitally records the vaccination event and locks it to the animal’s microchip. So wherever the animal goes, their vaccination history goes with them - never to be lost, destroyed or falsified.

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This is how it works


Scan the pet's microchip

Using a bluetooth microchip scanner.

Retrieve Vaccination Status

VetDB instantly retrieves the vaccination history and syncs with your Practice Management Software.

Record vaccinations in seconds

As quickly as you can take two images, the vaccination name, batch and expiry are recorded.

Sign & lock to the microchip

Submit and sign the event to lock it permanently to the microchip.

less than 20 seconds
to complete

We started using VetDB in the first month of 2019 and the biggest surprise was how receptive clients have been. They love it and can see it is the future way of doing things. The second surprise was how much fun the staff have showing off the new technology and the ownership they have taken of the product. VetDB is definitely the right product for taking us forward and we are all excited to imagine where it might lead.

Dr David Neck
Cottesloe Veterinary Clinic

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